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by Jonathan Wexler, M.D. Health Staff Writer

New Research: Tinnitus Wipes 1% Of Your Memories Every Month

by Jonathan Wexler,  M.D.     
August 09, 2023      477,439 views     Reading Time 3 Minutes

2023: Scientists claim – “Tinnitus FIXED if you do this daily” – Doctors are baffled.

Far from being a harmless nuisance, tinnitus has been linked to memory loss, hearing loss and dementia…

But did you know it actually physically wipes 1% of your memories every month, attacking the brain in the most violent way?

Forcing it to endure that constant ringing leads to the widespread death of your neurons, most of which are located in key areas of your brain, such as your hippocampus.

That’s the part of your brain that’s tasked with forming and storing episodic memories.

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