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Did You Know That Dementia Has Almost Doubled For Americans Since 1970…

March 2, 2024      532,748 Views 

But In Japan It Is Almost Unheard Of... Why?

Why do some adults stay mentally sharp as they age... While others can’t even remember why they walked into a room?

According to scientists from Northwestern University, it’s all about the SIZE of your brain. They found 80-year-old “super agers” had brains of adults 30 years younger.

The memory centers of their brains were thick and healthy...

Yet for the average American senior... this center is tiny and shriveled up like a raisin.

Which is why so many adults suffer from embarrassing “senior moments”... or full-blown Alzheimer’s!

But there’s good news...

Scientists discovered how we can nourish our brain region like those lucky super agers.

Each morning the Japanese eat this Okinawan breakfast containing an unusual fermented bean. This amazing food supports new, healthy brain cells – according to the Journal of Nutrition. This is why in Japan dementia is almost non-existent!

Click Below to watch a free presentation explaining how you too can take advantage of this remarkable Okinawan super food. 

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