Why Salad Diets & Calorie Restriction Don’t Work (WATCH NOW)

by Jonathan West,  M.D.     
July 14, 2023      137,439 views     Reading Time 3 Minutes

One of the worst ways you can try to lose weight is calorie restriction… This is where you try to eat as little as possible… Nibbling on vegetables and salads and other low-calorie foods.

But here’s the truth:
This kind of low-calorie “rabbit diet” is a BAD IDEA.
This is because your metabolism will slow down to match your reduced calorie intake. Not only that, this approach FAILS to address the real problem…

Which for millions of people is a BROKEN METABOLISM.

If you have a broken metabolism and you don’t deal with this problem FIRST, it will be next to impossible for you to drop the pounds.
Once Jane fixed her metabolism, she dropped 42 Lbs in a matter of days… See how she did it! 


Disclaimer: All information provided is for educational use only. Always consult with your doctor or primary care physician prior to starting any new health or fitness routine.

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